Go ahead be yourself and piss off as many people as you want. Go ahead talk to the person your best friend hates. Go ahead and not conform to your group’s idea of a great boy. Go ahead use your phone in a party you really don’t fit in and have tried enough. Go ahead cancel plans with people at the last moment just because you changed your mind. Go ahead and work in Mc Donald’s and serve your friends. Go ahead and talk about metaphysics and time travel if that interests you. Go ahead and cry all-day if you’re an emotional baby. Laugh if a piece of paper dancing in the air amuses you. Be as skeptical, pessimistic or as optimistic as the sun if you want to. Talk all day or sleep all day. Listen to music no one you know would ever hear.  Wear shirts and jewelry that were outdated 10 years ago. Wear the baggiest of shirts. And the biggest of hats with outrageous footwear. Talk to the watchman if he’s the one you would want to interact with. Go ahead and have an entire large pizza at Dominos all alone. Go to the movie by yourself. Roam around all day with no objective whatsoever. Crack jokes which are funny only to you. Watch your favorite movies a million times. Sing every song in your morning voice. Dance like a ghost got into you. Run up and down the staircase even if you might fall. Be as clumsy as you want to be or be a neat freak. Pretend to have an accent when you’re bored of your tone. Skip while you walk. Skate on the metro platforms. Let your friends and strangers think you are absolutely ridiculous.

Just don’t say yes to everything. Don’t want everyone to love you. Just don’t be so agreeable. And if you don’t agree with me don’t be pissing people off either. Just do whatever the fuck you want to do.

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